Latest Newsletter: ‘A More Poetic Era’

I wrote this article for publication May 30, 2012. DecoratorsBest added a new manufacturer, Cole & Son, to their wallpaper library.


Cole & Son wallpaper design is dynamic, original, and so eclectic in its selection. In anticipation of launching their entire line on our site, we categorized their extensive product list for the convenience of our customers. We at DecoratorsBest are extremely excited to offer you this unparalleled access to Cole & Son. Enjoy!

From master to apprentice, from one generation to the next, Cole & Son has been leading the European wallpaper industry since its founding in 1875. Combining the mastery of traditional technique with the advent of modern technology, Cole & Son’s unique design and character makes a fabulous statement in any home. Cole & Son is distinctively English and unabashedly creative. Their hand printed wallpaper, luxuriously traditional yet particularly modern, speaks volumes of their history as trailblazers and visionaries in an ever evolving industry.

Below: Circus (CS 93/6020)

Want the look?

Left to right:
Kimberly – White | Circus – Black & White | Alpana – Plum/Raspberry | Circus – Multi
| Pompeian – Red/Mau

New Collection: Albermarle

The latest wallpaper from Cole & Son is their ravishingly bohemian Albermarle Collection. Named after an exclusive 19th Century London club, fashioned by celebrities like Oscar Wilde, Albermarle is sophisticated and bold – reminiscent of a more poetic era. Featuring the ornate gold leaf pattern of Baudelaire, the rococo technique of Aldwych and the classic Blake damask, the Albermarle Collection is a real gem.

Want the 19th Century feel?

Left to right:
Chatterton – Linen and White | Aldwych – Red and Gold| Blake – White and Silver | Wyndham – Red and Slate| Coleridge – Linen and White

Their Iconic Pieces

Cole & Son’s Woods wallpaper is among the most popular items in the DecoratorsBest library. Available in majestic Gold/Onyx, a royal Onyx/Plum, a simple Onyx/White and six other extraordinary colorways, Woods brings an imaginative wooded surrounding to any urban environment.

Their Hummingbirds print, which covers the foyer in Barbara Karpfs home, is an iconic piece in the Cole & Son collection. With lovely illustrations of pulchritudinous hummingbirds perched on lush green branches and multicolored butterflies ubiquitously placed in the foreground, this delightful wallpaper is available in four graceful colorways.

Want the look?

Left to right:
Hummingbirds – Lilac | Hummingbirds – Cream | Hummingbirds – Ruban

Original Toile Wallpaper

Cole & Son toile wallpapers are exceptionally unique. While toile is traditionally a two-toned idyllic scenes on fabric, Cole & Son is redefining the status quo with their brilliant toile wallpaper selections. Their Geisha, available in 3 colors, optimizes a traditional Asian scene with texture and color. The Gondola adds a dimension of perspective and depth as well as extra color, typically unseen in traditional toile. For a truly distinct accent wall, use their Greek inspired Dionysus – Black, featuring the god in a tranquil landscape.

Want a unique look?

Left to right:
Dionysus – Black | Union Jack – Rouge | Geisha – Teal


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