House of Sports Brand Promise


It’s the end of the fourth quarter and you’re down by two. Three seconds on the clock. Your teammate inbounds you the ball. Two seconds. You’re not scared. Because you’re a winner. You’ve been training for this moment – this one fleeting moment. All eyes on you. One second. You go for the three. Hearts stop. Swish. You’re a hero.

Own this story. Start your training today at the House of Sports NY.

At House of Sports NY, we say that you don’t know how good you can be until you give it your all. For staff, we recruit major figureheads in baseball, basketball and lacrosse – the best of the best – to work with you to bring your athletic skills to where you want them to be.

Call it the Division 1 experience. Here in your own ‘hood.

From fundamental basics to instrumental skills, our trainers will take your game to the next level. Everyone is welcome – no matter what skill level.

Both in-season and off the court, our facilities are open year round with all-purpose training to help step-up your talents and rise above the competition.

At House of Sports we encourage everyone with athletic ambition to give themselves the chance to become the athlete they’ve always dreamed of being. From beginner level leagues to the most advanced technical training, House of Sports will take your game to where you need it.

House of Sports: It’s Your Game. Bring it.


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