How to Write Great SEO Copy

Boost your SEO with these useful copywriting tips

by Simon Mullin


SEO copywriting is more than just a few keywords here, a link there, and a cool new twist on an old idea. Copywriting is about creating fresh, relevant content that thrills your readers, compels your clients to buy, and captures the attention of pesky search engine bots.

The fact is: Search engine algorithms are getting more sophisticated, and it’s crucial that copywriters evolve with the times.

Here’s a list of a few key tips to creating great SEO copy:

Headlines must be electrifying!

Headlines are a promise — a promise that you need to deliver on in your copy. The article, post, or email send you just spent hours writing is irrelevant if you don’t have people reading on past the header.

A headline can turn your average skimmer into an enthusiastic customer. Once you get them to read your headline or open an email, it’s time to move in with the kill. Give them a captivating read, and clear and concise call to action.

Did you know that 80% of online readers skim headlines and only 20% actually move on to read through the article? It’s true. Also, using statistics in your copy is a great way to keep your content reader-friendly.

The Keyword Rule

Utilizing keywords in your copy is important, but it’s crucial that you don’t flood your article with keywords. Having a majority of keywords placed sporadically yet practically within the first 400 words of your copy will help your site stand out. Turns out search engines are skimmers too, made in their creators’ image.


Don’t ever plagiarize. It’s not only destructive to your reputation, it will offend the search engine bots, ruin your SERP ranking, and they’ll send you to the depths of the relevance charts (SEO hell).

Related Content

As best stated in Brian Clark’s white paper, you need impress your readers. Impress them to the point where they want to link back to your work. And when they do, make sure to reciprocate by linking back to them as well. Sharing, link building and, most importantly, linking to relevant sources that will backup your claims, is a way of telling Google that your content is worth being highlighted.

For more in-depth information on SEO Copywriting hints and tips, I recommend:



The SEO Copywriting Checklist by Jessica Lee


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